OpenCV for Android Tutorials

OpenCV for Android (OpenCV4Android) Tutorials Series

This tutorial series is about learning the OpenCV for Android. Due to the lack of simple, good and clear tutorials, I have decided to make a series myself. My approach (as always) is segmented and to-the-point.

The basic tutorials will deal with setup of OpenCV in Android studio.

The advance tutorials will cover specific purposes which highlight the application of OpenCV in Android platform.

Basic OpenCV for Android Tutorials

S.No Title Description Link
1 Pre-requisites Here, you will find out what you should already know to follow this tutorial. VISIT
2 Download Required Software In this tutorial, we will download the required tools (OpenCV SDK for Android) VISIT
3 Download OpenCV Manager in Android Virtual Device In this tutorial, we will download the required tools (OpenCV SDK for Android) VISIT
4 File Structure of OpenCV SDK for Android In this tutorial, you will understand the file structure of the OpenCV SDK for Android. VISIT
5 Understanding Available Packages of OpenCV for Android SDK In this tutorial, I will explain to you what packages are available to use in OpenCV for Android SDK

Packages are what you import.


import org.opencv.core.Mat;
6 Create new OpenCV Project in Android Studio 1.5 and 2.0 Lets create a new OpenCV for Android Project. The project which will be created created in this tutorial will be used in the entire series over and over. VISIT
7 Display camera in android app using OpenCV  We will make a simple app which shows camera using OpenCV. VISIT
8 Implement a Menu in OpenCV project to switch camera Lets create an app which implements a menu in order to switch camera Coming Soon


Advanced OpenCv for Android Tutorials

S.No Title Description Link
1 Apply basic color filters using OpenCV Lets create an app which uses a simple interface to change color filters in OpenCV for Android app Coming Soon
2 Camera control and manipulation Lets learn how to control your camera, manipulate camera functionalities, take pictures and save to file. WE NEED CONTROL! Coming Soon
3 Show a Box on screen Lets create a simple object on the screen. Coming Soon
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