I would like to highly emphasize on three very important points and a rant before you even start.
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  1. Google is your best friend. Everything can be searched. Maybe the problem you are willing to solve is already solved in a better way compared to what I have shown.
  2. Official Documentation is your second best friend. If you want to use a programming language or a framework or even a plugin, then your second best friend would be the Official documentation if it exists. Use Step 1 to find it :D.
  3. Nobody is perfect. I might make mistakes. My code will become obsolete in a couple of years. I will Keep my resources fresh though and hopefully, things will stay fresh.

I used to be a newbie in almost everything. Simple tasks were tedious and there was no guidance available. I do not wish that upon anybody. I have decided to provide unconventional tutorials that may hopefully assist anybody seeking help. Therefore, these tutorials will serve as a guide to the starters.


Tutorials by Codeonion

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