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  • Update Knoppix 7.6 from Terminal

    Update Knoppix 7.6 from Terminal

    So you downloaded Knoppix and realized that it is a little bit rusty. There is a way to make it fresh and update all the packages with two simple commands. First you need to Refresh the packages database. Go to terminal and type the following command and press enter. sudo apt-get update   This will initiate […]

  • Install and run XAMPP on Windows and Linux

    Install and run XAMPP on Windows and Linux

    In this basic tutorial, you will learn how to install XAMPP. XAMPP is used to run Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database, and interprets scripts written in the PHP. It is a great tool to test or host a website on your own machine. Lets see how install and start it. Download and Install. Install for Windows here Linux […]

  • Knoppix touchpad click workaround

    Problem: I can’t click with my touchpad in Knoppix. I can use USB/bluetooth mouse normally but the Laptop’s touchpad can’t be tapped to click. Solution: Go to terminal and enter the following knoppix@Microknoppix:~$ synclient Tapbutton1=1 Now try closing the terminal by tapping the [X] in the terminal window and it will work. Note: This only works for […]

  • Installing, running and testing and stopping Xampp services in Knoppix

    Knoppix is very portable and easy to use. Being a developer, I know that it is important to keep your tools handy.  This post is about installing Xampp in Knoppix. The following steps can get it running in no time ;D Get the latest .tar.gz of Xampp and download it in a folder. Go to the downloaded file’s folder […]

  • Installing WINE in knoppix (CD and DVD)

    Wine in Knoppix CD version Type the following in Terminal knoppix@Microknoppix:~$ sudo apt-get update It will download and install wine along with its required repositories. Afterwards, you can install Wine by typing sudo apt-get install wine1.5. knoppix@Microknoppix:~$ sudo apt-get install wine1.5 Afterwards, if you with to install a Windows program in Knoppix, then simply copy the setup on the […]