OpenCV for Android Download-Required Software

OpenCV for Android: Download Required Software

Return to OpenCV for Android Tutorials List In this tutorial, you will learn which tools to download for creating your OpenCV project in Android Studio if you follow this tutorial series 🙂 Download and install Android Studio from HERE. Make sure that it is working. Download  OpenCV for Android SDK from HERE. Demonstration of SDK download. Basically,

How to switch between Activities in Android

To switch Menus/Activities in Android App

I called this function in XML file as android:onClick=”backToMainMenu” in the attributes of button. The function must be public and have only one attribute i.e. “View view” You can call “i” whatever you wish. “PreviousMenuClassName” is the name of the Activity where you want to go after clicking the

Android: Want camera in your app?

So why not use the camera that already exists in your Android Phone! First put the following in AndroidManifest.xml before the <application…></application> tag

Then go to the MainActivity class or wherever you want to call “Camera opening function”. Add the following function:

Here, startCamera is a function called when a button is pressed.