OpenCV for Android Download-Required Software

OpenCV for Android: Download Required Software

Return to OpenCV for Android Tutorials List In this tutorial, you will learn which tools to download for creating your OpenCV project in Android Studio if you follow this tutorial series 🙂 Download and install Android Studio from HERE. Make sure that it is working. Download  OpenCV for Android SDK from HERE. Demonstration of SDK download. Basically,

Tutorial 2 – CodeIgniter 3.0.1 Understanding application folder structure

Back to CodeIgniter Tutorials In the previous tutorial, you learn how CodeIgniter is downloaded, installed, and viewed the welcome screen to make sure that it worked. In this tutorial. you understand how the the purpose and working of \application folder in your CodeIgniter project. This tutorial is meant to be simple to understand so that new users of

Laravel Tutorial 1 : Installation in XAMPP

Lets get it straight. “You want to install Laravel”. With this tutorial, I am starting a Laravel series. My tutorials are short and to the point. So lets get started without any fuss. Prerequisites Download Composer or visit their official website. Select “Install Shell Menus” in setup as shown. Press Next and point the setup to  the