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  • Creating a new OpenCV project in Android Studio

    Creating a new OpenCV project in Android Studio

    Return to OpenCV for Android Tutorials List In this tutorial, we will create a new OpenCV project in Android Studio. Since you have everything downloaded¬†already, we are ready to move on. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a new project set up, which you can use to build your projects upon. So […]

  • CodeIgniter 3 Tutorial 1: Download, Installation, Introduction and Welcome!

    Back to CodeIgniter Tutorials This is the first part of CodeIgniter 3 tutorials. CodeIgniter 3.0 introduced a lot of upgrades over 2.x versions of CodeIgniter. Users who wish to upgrade to CodeIgniter 3 may have to perform changes as mentioned here¬†in the official CodeIgniter 3.0 documentation. Here are my Tutorials for CodeIgniter: CodeIgniter 3 Tutorials […]

  • Codeigniter 2.20 – Sending E-mail using codeigniter

    Back to CodeIgniter Tutorials In CodeIgniter, sending e-mail is a simple process. First the library is loaded. Then the user provides e-mail related data. Finally, the E-mail is sent. Here is how E-mail is sent using a Controller in CodeIgniter Load the E-mail library of CodeIgniter $this->load->library(’email’); Provide set of characters that are to be […]