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  • LibGDX Android Studio: Download and set up a new LibGDX Project

    LibGDX android Setup

    Hey fellow developers! Welcome to the beginning of LibGDX for Android tutorials. In this tutorial, you will learn how to download, setup and create a new LibGDX project in Android Studio. At the end of this tutorial, you will: Download LibGDX Setup LibGDX Create a new LibGDX project in Android Studio So lets get Started! Download LibGDX […]

  • Creating a new OpenCV project in Android Studio

    Return to OpenCV for Android Tutorials List In this tutorial, we will create a new OpenCV project in Android Studio. Since you have everything downloaded already, we are ready to move on. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a new project set up, which you can use to build your projects upon. So […]

  • CodeIgniter 3 – Create your own Hello World with simple form and database!

    CodeIgniter 3 Hello World

    In the previous tutorial, you you learnt how to remove the “index.php” from URL. Now, we are ready for the “Hello World!” complete with code.  GOALS! In this tutorial, we will learn CodeIgniter 3 MVC by making a Hello World! program, complete with database, introduction to CRUD operations, form, switching pages and code. We will cover a LOT in this […]

  • CodeIgniter 3.0.1 Tutorial 3 – Getting Rid of “index.php” from URL (with download)

    In the previous tutorial, you learnt about the purpose of each and every folder in the “/application/” folder of your web applicaiton. This is a short tutorial in which you will learn how to get rid of the “index.php” from the URL of your web application using a .htaccess file. Problem In a default installation of CodeIgniter 3, […]

  • Codeigniter 2.20 – Sending E-mail using codeigniter

    Back to CodeIgniter Tutorials In CodeIgniter, sending e-mail is a simple process. First the library is loaded. Then the user provides e-mail related data. Finally, the E-mail is sent. Here is how E-mail is sent using a Controller in CodeIgniter Load the E-mail library of CodeIgniter $this->load->library(’email’); Provide set of characters that are to be […]