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  • CodeIgniter 3 – Create your own Hello World with simple form and database!

    CodeIgniter 3 Hello World

    In the previous tutorial, you you learnt how to remove the “index.php” from URL. Now, we are ready for the “Hello World!” complete with code.  GOALS! In this tutorial, we will learn CodeIgniter 3 MVC by making a Hello World! program, complete with database, introduction to CRUD operations, form, switching pages and code. We will cover a LOT in this […]

  • CodeIgniter 3 Tutorial 1: Download, Installation, Introduction and Welcome!

    Back to CodeIgniter Tutorials This is the first part of CodeIgniter 3 tutorials. CodeIgniter 3.0 introduced a lot of upgrades over 2.x versions of CodeIgniter. Users who wish to upgrade to CodeIgniter 3 may have to perform changes as mentioned here in the official CodeIgniter 3.0 documentation. Here are my Tutorials for CodeIgniter: CodeIgniter 3 Tutorials […]