Sublime Text default theme for Netbeans IDE

I like the Sublime Text theme because it is easy to look at and everything looks readable. This is a must-have theme for Netbeans. It looks exactly like Sublime text and you sill keep all the features of Netbeans.

The installation of this theme is very simple.


  1. Click Options.
  2. Click Fonts & Colors.
  3. At bottom left, click Import.
  4. Click Browse button.
  5. Select the Downloaded file (which in my instance was
  6. Well, finally select the theme as shown below and click apply.



I hope this enhances your experience with development of your projects. Don’t forget to share  ;D

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Codeigniter 2.20 – How to manage assets (js, jpg etc) (using View)

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In this guide, you will learn to use CSS and JS files by calling them from the VIEW (not the controller). In the coming lessons, I will also write on importing assets using Controller but here, we are using views.

  • First, install Codeigniter using the method as described here.
  • Then make your own homepage using the method explained here.

Now that we are set up, lets get started!

  1. Go to your Codeigniter folder and add a folder called assets such that it should look like this yourwebsite/assets/ For reference, look at the following

    codeigniter assets folder
    codeigniter assets folder
  2. Inside /assets/ create three folders which should look like this
    1. CSS folder named css
    2. Javascript folder named javascript 
  3. In the css folder, create style.css
  4. In the javascript folder, create scripts.js
  5. Go to your homepage and paste the following in the <head> tag.
    <script src="http://localhost/yourwebsite/assets/javascript/my-script.js">
    css" href="http://localhost/yourwebsite/assets/css/style.css">
  6. That is all. You can similarly add jquery and images in the same fashion. In order to confirm that the CSS and javascript is loaded, you can check source of the loaded page and click on the .css and .js files

Please note that this guide is applicable on using XAMPP. For web server, you may have different folder paths for example:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo base_url("assets/cover.css"); ?>">

I hope you find this tutorial informational. Do not forget to comment and share 🙂

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