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  • CodeIgniter 3 – Create your own Hello World with simple form and database!

    CodeIgniter 3 Hello World

    In the previous tutorial, you you learnt how to remove the “index.php” from URL. Now, we are ready for the “Hello World!” complete with code.  GOALS! In this tutorial, we will learn CodeIgniter 3 MVC by making a Hello World! program, complete with database, introduction to CRUD operations, form, switching pages and code. We will cover a LOT in this […]

  • CodeIgniter 3.0.1 Tutorial 3 – Getting Rid of “index.php” from URL (with download)

    In the previous tutorial, you learnt about the purpose of each and every folder in the “/application/” folder of your web applicaiton. This is a short tutorial in which you will learn how to get rid of the “index.php” from the URL of your web application using a .htaccess file. Problem In a default installation of CodeIgniter 3, […]

  • Tutorial 2 – CodeIgniter 3.0.1 Understanding application folder structure

    Back to CodeIgniter Tutorials In the previous tutorial, you learn how CodeIgniter is downloaded, installed, and viewed the welcome screen to make sure that it worked. In this tutorial. you understand how the the purpose and working of \application folder in your CodeIgniter project. This tutorial is meant to be simple to understand so that new users of […]

  • CodeIgniter 3 Tutorial 1: Download, Installation, Introduction and Welcome!

    Back to CodeIgniter Tutorials This is the first part of CodeIgniter 3 tutorials. CodeIgniter 3.0 introduced a lot of upgrades over 2.x versions of CodeIgniter. Users who wish to upgrade to CodeIgniter 3 may have to perform changes as mentioned here in the official CodeIgniter 3.0 documentation. Here are my Tutorials for CodeIgniter: CodeIgniter 3 Tutorials […]

  • Codeigniter 2.20 – Sending E-mail using codeigniter

    Back to CodeIgniter Tutorials In CodeIgniter, sending e-mail is a simple process. First the library is loaded. Then the user provides e-mail related data. Finally, the E-mail is sent. Here is how E-mail is sent using a Controller in CodeIgniter Load the E-mail library of CodeIgniter $this->load->library(’email’); Provide set of characters that are to be […]

  • Codeigniter 2.20 – Autocomplete in Sublime Text

    Back to CodeIgniter Tutorials Sublime text is a powerfully simple text editor that makes coding part of the development easier than it once was. Autocomplete for PHP, HTML, CSS Javascript is handled easily by Sublime text. But as I am writing, there is no native support for Codeigniter. Do you have to manually type the […]

  • Codeigniter 2.20 – Uploading files to a folder and Inserting in Database table

    Back to CodeIgniter Tutorials In this tutorial, I am going to show how to upload multiple files into a folder and insert its name in a database table. In an application, we may either have to upload a single or multiple files. Take portfolio page for instance. They allow freelancers to upload multiple files […]

  • Hybirdigniter config file (hybridauthlib.php) guide

    Hybrdigniter is an integration of HybridAuth and CodeIgniter. In this sub-tutorial, I am going to explain the usage of /applicaion/config/hybridauthlib.php which is found in the installation of HybridIgniter. Get HybridIgniter-master Complete Tutorial : Social media login setup in Codeigniter Site using Hybridigniter The complete File [expand] <?php if ( ! defined(‘BASEPATH’)) exit(‘No direct script access allowed’); /*! * HybridAuth […]

  • Codeigniter 2.20 – Learn how to make live search using Codeigniter

    codeigniter live search

    Back to CodeIgniter Tutorials You may have seen live search <input> boxes all over the internet. Here is how to make that live search in reference to the design of the following image using Codeigniter 2.20 and 3.0. This technique will use the following steps. User types in an input box. A call is sent to controller […]

  • Codeigniter 2.20 – Making your own home page

    Back to CodeIgniter Tutorials Now that  you have learned how to install codeigniter, it would be prefereable to replace the default codeigniter welcome page by something that we have made. By the end of this tutorial, when you will visit localhost/yourapp you will be presented with your own home page instead of the the default codeigniter Welcome page. Install Codeigniter […]