Run Python Scripts using AutoHotkey and Pass Arguments

So you have a python script that has some code like:

import argparse

parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='For my visitors!')
parser.add_argument("--argument_to_be_passed", required=True, type=str, help="Please pass a value into --argument_to_be_passed")
args = parser.parse_args()

value = args.argument_to_be_passed

Now, if we run this script, this is the output:

Execution without passing arguments

But if we pass arguments manually:

Arguments are getting passed manually and then printed on command line.

So you see, it is working. But this is slow and boring.

What if you wanted to automate running a python script in order to QUICKLY test something and development purpose!

I know from experience the process of ALT+TAB into a CMD and then pressing UP arrow and press enter is a repetitive labour. Lets reward ourselves with Autohotkey’s automation and buy some extra minutes into the already tightened day.


Once you have installed AutoHotkey, it is time write this script:

; Autoexecute
    #SingleInstance force
    run cmd.exe
    WinWait, ahk_exe cmd.exe ; Wait for CMD to start
    Send c:{enter} ; Go to C drive
    Send cd C:\python\blog\{enter} ; go to script's folder
    Send python --argument_to_be_passed CODEONION{enter}

Make sure the path to python script is correct. Run this AutoHotkey script file and then, use CTRL+WINDOWSKEY+SPACE to run the macro. And enjoy the spam show!

See it in action!

Get code from my Github Gist

I really hope this made your day! Please commend and share if oyu are feeling generous. Thanks! and have a nice day!

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