Laravel Tutorial 1 : Installation in XAMPP

Lets get it straight. “You want to install Laravel”. With this tutorial, I am starting a Laravel series. My tutorials are short and to the point. So lets get started without any fuss.


  1. Download Composer or visit their official website.
    • Select “Install Shell Menus” in setup as shown.

      composerInstallation  install shell menu
      install shell menu
    • Press Next and point the setup to  the php.exe. For example, in my case, it is
  2. Download Git
  3. Download Laravel Installaion Files from Github

Now that you have downloaded and installed Composer and Git, you can now start the Laravel installation process.

Installation of Laravel

  1. Extract Laravel to the xampp/htdocs folder. These are the installation files.
  2. Right click on the extracted folder and select Use Composer here. (this is why you installed shell menu with composer)
  3. A command prompt will open with composer settings. Also note that you will be at your extracted Laravel install
  4. Type the following command and press Enter. Downloading of Laravel assets will start.
    composer install

Laravel is now installed. Now we will create a project.

Create a Project

  1. Go to Run and type cmd. 
  2. Lets assume that the project we are making is called “codeonion“.
  3. Type the following command in cmd to make out project:
    composer create-project laravel/laravel d:\xampp\htdocs\codeonion
  4. Wait for installation to finish.

A project named “codeonion” is made from Laravel installation. Lets test it.

Testing of new project

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Go to the following link
  3. If you see the following then the installation went ok

That is it! Laravel has been installed. In the coming tutorials, I will explain configuration of Laravel and then a project will be made.

Next, learn about laravel complete MVC basic guide HERE!

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    • This blog is alive. I have made some posts last month on Ubuntu, Rails framework setup on Ubuntu and Microsoft SQL Server 2019 installation in Ubuntu 20.04.

      I will return to Laravel 🙂

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