Hybrdigniter is an integration of HybridAuth and CodeIgniter. In this sub-tutorial, I am going to explain the usage of /applicaion/config/hybridauthlib.php which is found in the installation of HybridIgniter.

Get HybridIgniter-master

Complete Tutorial : Social media login setup in Codeigniter Site using Hybridigniter

The complete File




Enable or Disable a social media service

This feature allows you to Enable or Disable social media services. For example, if I wish to disable twitter, then I will do the following:


Add Social Media Developer “key”/”id” and “secret”

The config file also allows you to add developer app specific key/id and secret code in the config file that allows integration for that specific app.

For example, look at the highlighted lines below:

Understand this to avoid “providers” variable error

While developing, you might happen to see an error saying that the $providers variable is not defined. Well, please understand that this is where the providers array is. This will expand to the Controller and then lead to the View.

I hope this helps. The tutorial in future will continue HERE

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