Learn how to get rid of the “You may use these HTML tags and attributes” from WordPress


WordPress is amazing and facilitates bloggers in every aspect. Everything can be adjusted to personal taste. But there is one thing and many people including myself would like to be removed from their pages.

If you look at the bottom of your wordpress pages, then just below the comments box, you will see this.

[edsanimate animation=”tada” delay=”12″ infinite_animation=”yes” animate_on=””]

The HTML suggestions concerning the comment text



With or without the highlighter and regardless of the theme selected, this looks like the HTML code itself. It is just like handing over the engine and tires to the driver when he comes to buy a car. Lets get rid of that!

If we look at the code of my page, it is easy to spot the CLASS and ID of the HTML element responsible for that text.

[edsanimate animation=”bounceInUp” delay=”1″ duration=”3″ infinite_animation=”no” animate_on=”scroll”]



Both the ID and the CLASS of that element is form-allowed-tags. In CSS, we can make an HTML element invisible using the following code.

Now, we will simply add our CSS to the wordpress using the following menu.

[edsanimate animation=”flip” delay=”2″ infinite_animation=”no” animate_on=”scroll”]

Click to enlarge!

Click to enlarge!


Basically, click Appearance and then go to Edit CSS. Then paste your the following code and then click Save Stylesheet.

Now if you visit your page again, you will see that is is gone. The “You may use these HTML tags and attributes” message used to be at the highlighted section below.

[edsanimate animation=”zoomInRight” delay=”2″ infinite_animation=”no” animate_on=”scroll”]

You may use these HTML tags and attributes is gone as highlighted

You may use these HTML tags and attributes is gone as highlighted


Congratulations! now your blog looks better and your comments section will be pleasant 🙂

[edsanimate animation=”shake” infinite_animation=”yes” animate_on=”scroll”]

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