Month: December 2014

  • CodeIgniter 2.20 – How to set up in XAMPP

    CodeIgniter 2.20 – How to set up in XAMPP

    This is the first part of the CodeIgniter 2.20 tutorials series. In this part, you will learn how simple it is to install CodeIgniter in XAMPP. Lets assume that the web application you are making is “yourapp”. First go to CodeIgniter website and download it. Now go to your www or htdocs folder in XAMPP and create […]

  • Learn how to get rid of the “You may use these HTML tags and attributes” from WordPress

    Learn how to get rid of the “You may use these HTML tags and attributes” from WordPress

      WordPress is amazing and facilitates bloggers in every aspect. Everything can be adjusted to personal taste. But there is one thing and many people including myself would like to be removed from their pages. If you look at the bottom of your wordpress pages, then just below the comments box, you will see this. [edsanimate animation=”tada” […]

  • How to switch between Activities in Android

    To switch Menus/Activities in Android App public void backToMainMenu(View view){ Intent i = new Intent(getApplicationContext(), PreviousMenuClassName.class); startActivity(i); } I called this function in XML file as android:onClick=”backToMainMenu” in the attributes of button. The function must be public and have only one attribute i.e. “View view” You can call “i” whatever you wish. “PreviousMenuClassName” is the name […]

  • Android adding camera in app

    Android adding camera in app

  • Knoppix touchpad click workaround

    Problem: I can’t click with my touchpad in Knoppix. I can use USB/bluetooth mouse normally but the Laptop’s touchpad can’t be tapped to click. Solution: Go to terminal and enter the following knoppix@Microknoppix:~$ synclient Tapbutton1=1 Now try closing the terminal by tapping the [X] in the terminal window and it will work. Note: This only works for […]

  • Installing, running and testing and stopping Xampp services in Knoppix

    Knoppix is very portable and easy to use. Being a developer, I know that it is important to keep your tools handy.  This post is about installing Xampp in Knoppix. The following steps can get it running in no time ;D Get the latest .tar.gz of Xampp and download it in a folder. Go to the downloaded file’s folder […]

  • Installing WINE in knoppix (CD and DVD)

    Wine in Knoppix CD version Type the following in Terminal knoppix@Microknoppix:~$ sudo apt-get update It will download and install wine along with its required repositories. Afterwards, you can install Wine by typing sudo apt-get install wine1.5. knoppix@Microknoppix:~$ sudo apt-get install wine1.5 Afterwards, if you with to install a Windows program in Knoppix, then simply copy the setup on the […]

  • Sublime Text default theme for Netbeans IDE

    Sublime Text default theme for Netbeans IDE

    I like the Sublime Text theme because it is easy to look at and everything looks readable. This is a must-have theme for Netbeans. It looks exactly like Sublime text and you sill keep all the features of Netbeans. The installation of this theme is very simple. Link: Click Options. Click Fonts & Colors. At […]

  • Codeigniter 2.20 – How to manage assets (js, jpg etc) (using View)

    Back to CodeIgniter Tutorials In this guide, you will learn to use CSS and JS files by calling them from the VIEW (not the controller). In the coming lessons, I will also write on importing assets using Controller but here, we are using views. First, install Codeigniter using the method as described here. Then make your […]