CodeIgniter Tutorials


CodeIgniter 3 Tutorials

This is a series of CodeIgniter 3 Tutorials by Codeonion. you will learn CodeIgniter from scratch. I have also planned to make a game with CodeIgniter so stay in touch. Like my Facebook and Follow me on Twitter to stay updated. Please note that the content below may not be applicable in older versions of CodeIgniter. If you would like me to make a tutorial for you, then write in comments.

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1 Download, Install and learn root file structure of CodeIgniter You will download and install CodeIgniter 3. Then, I will explain to you what the root files in the CodeIgniter directory do.
Also, you will get to see the Welcome Screen.
2 Learn the structure and function of CodeIgniter project “/application/” folder In this tutorial, you will learn the purpose and function of each folder inside the “/applicaition/” folder of your CodeIgniter project. This will help you a lot. VISIT
3 Learn how to get rid of the “../index.php/..” from the URL You must implement this in your projects for future happiness. This tutorial will remove the “../index.php/..” from your URL and make your projects simpler and nicer. VISIT
4 Create a Hello World! program with complete CRUD operations, URL usage, buttons and a form. In this tutorial, you will create a complete MVC application. You will learn:

Creation of Database
(M) Models
(V) Multiple Views
(C) Multiple Controllers

Use form in view to use controller to fetch Database value from Model.
In the end, you will have a lot of knowledge to make your own web applications.



CodeIgniter 2.20 Tutorials

Below is a list of CodeIgniter 2.20 Tutorials. Please note that the content below may not be applicable in older versions of CodeIgniter.

S.No Title Description Link
1 Tutorial 1 – Codeigniter 2.20 Installation in XAMPP This is the first part of the CodeIgniter 2.20 tutorials series. In this part, you will learn how simple it is to install CodeIgniter in XAMPP.

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2 Tutorial 2 – Making your own homepage (View and Controller) By the end of this tutorial, when you will visit localhost/yourapp you will make your own home page instead of the default CodeIgniter Welcome page.

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3 Tutorial 3 – How to manage Assets (.js, .jpg, .png) in CodeIgniter In this tutorial, you will learn to use assets project such as images, .css and .js files by calling them from the VIEW (not the controller).

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4 Tutorial 4 – CodeIgniter Autocomplete in Sublime Text 2 and 3 In this tutorial, I will show you how to configure Sublime Text 2 and 3 to have to have autocomplete facility for CodeIgniter.

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5 Tutorial 5 – How to send an E-mail using CodeIgniter In this tutorial, I will show you how to send a complete E-mail from your web server to a receiver using CodeIgniter 2.20.

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6 Tutorial 6 – How to make Live Search with Database Connection in Codeigniter Learn how to make Live search with auto suggestion feature. In the end, you will have an input box that will suggest correct input from database.

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7 Tutorial 7 – How to Upload Files to a folder and Insert its name in a Database In this tutorial, you will learn:

Select multiple files using a File Input box.
Allow only specific files to be uploaded.
Upload files to a Folder in server.
Upload file information to a database table.
Display success message.

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